Grandma’s Funeral Blog!


My Grandmother’s Funeral and passing away with Alzheimer’s Disease.

We arrived at Gatwick Airport at 11 o’clock pm and got picked up by my uncle ,- well one of them at least !  We thought we had a Golf Car to pick us up in  , so when we walked through the car park and we stopped at a Gold Volkswagen Golf car thinking that was his – but it wasn’t .   He asked us what we were doing and we said ‘I sn’t this your car ?’   He laughed and said ‘Oh no !  I don’t have my old Golf car anymore – I have a new car ! ‘  We arrived at THAT car  and it turned out to be a V W E O S .
It took us sometime to realise it was it !
So we got into the car  and started putting the roof down  and my mum was saying how amazing it was ! – but the whole time I was just looking at the design !   We were on one of the top floors  of the car park so we had to go round in circles in the car park to get to bottom –  I felt really dizzy after that .
On the motorway it was really freezing so I had to sit there and try to warm myself up !
I looked up to see the stars – Then I saw a shooting star –  Maybe it could be grandpa Tony ! – That was good times – We didn’t realise that in 2 weeks everybody would be rush , rush , rushing and huge sadness within the family !
Before I get to the important bit ! – I have important news happening ! – As I write this our Jehovah witness friend drove his child with a brain tumour out of hospital because the hospital couldn’t do anything , so he had an Arrest Warrant on him – They drove through France to Spain in his car .  There we hope his son is being treated .  Last night we thought they might come to us ,  – but they didn’t .  The Police caught him  and sent the child to hospital.


Anyway back to Grandma !

The day Grandma went I was in a nice chair ( electrical remote control ) and watching Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games on TV  and mum was phoning my Uncle to get him to the nursing home but he said he needed to finish his game of Tennis .  When he did arrive I was sent downstairs because they didn’t want me to see her so the last time I saw her was when my mum was dragging me downstairs .   I was waiting there for 1 hour maybe , or 1.30 minutes or maybe 2.   I just don’t know – my IPad ran down quicker than I thought so I knew something was up !    I heard my other Uncle coming down the stairs and saying to the nurse that she was going , so I thought Wow OK that was quick.  Mum came downstairs we had a chat.   Mum said grandma was going – I said OK -I had a joke to say but Unfortunantly have forgotten it .  Anyway I went outside and walked around the Complex and the moment I looked up at her window – She went !   One of my other uncles told mum so she went upstairs – When mum came down again she told me and I said I already knew ! so that gave her a shock !
Everyone went onto their phones and told everybody what happened.

A week later we had the Funeral .  It was packed.We had a guy sing 2 songs Opera Level and we didn’t hire him as he knew Grandma well ,  so he came .  He has a problem with one eye so he wears an Eye Patch .

Afterwards we went to the Party and they had great food .  I spent the whole time wondering what food to have .  They also put a Movie on about when they were little .  We had a great time .
When I went back to school the teacher asked us what ( fun ) things we had done in the summer  and I said I went to a funeral