The Funeral Reception Gathering for Mother.

I stayed behind at the Grave to say Thanks
Order of service Programme to view

We arrived at the Reception .
It was a beautiful summers day in August.
We walked into the sunlit conservatory and I thought to myself – mum would have liked this !
On the left , as i walked in , we had Orange juice , water or Bucks Fizz (champagne and Orange juice)
Then on the right under the window was a D V D playing , – of mum and all of us in Australia in the 1960’s !  Mom had a cigarette in her mouth all the time ! –  I look back now and can never remember her even smoking ! Strange how memories fade!
The table had a memory board and the Strawberries and Cream ( mums favourite afternoon Tea )
In the corner of the room we had Strawberry cream tea with a small Chintzy Memory board –  At the far end of the conservatory we had a table laid up with sandwiches  ,cakes , Danish pastries and strawberry cream Tea so lots of Scones , strawberry’s and cream .
Everyone was sad but knew it was a happy release for mum – Especially after the last 2 years when she was not able to move and being turned 2 hourly ( Mom once said to me ‘Help me’ – It was ghastly )  My husband said she would forget but she must have felt it at time !
Anyway a lot of people – relatives , family and friends attended  -It was very supportive and uplifting

A Sad Relief

Mother passed away at 5.30 in the evening –  I knew it was imminent but thought it might happen during the night so was thinking about staying on for the night at the nursing home .  Her breathing was erratic on the final day and much noisier .
We were all sitting with her and suddenly she was gone- Departed this world – The nurse recorded time of death and we were asked to quietly wait outside room whilst the staff prepared mummy – She looked so peaceful  and at rest- All the stressed and strains of life had left her.  I have the negligee that she will be buried in-  Its her wedding negligee and she was so proud of it and had it wrapped in tissue paper and loved to show it off- It can be with her now for eternity –  My brother made the joke that dad would be happy to see her in negligee!- It was a time of sad reflective laughter –  The Carer thought it was her wedding dress and my other brother said it sounded like Miss Haversham from Wuthering   Heights !   I do have a friend in Australia who wants to be buried in her wedding dress !
 Visit nursing home and finish clearing room
Undertaker to organize funeral
What type of Coffin ( We chose Wicker )
Various Costs of Hearse,Cars,Time span,etc,
Phone and organize  Registration of Death appointment for next day ( can take longer )
Collect death certificate from Doctors surgery
Say Thank you to matron and invite to funeral.
Give chocolate to Staff-Write Thank you cards
Go to Inn on Green to organise Reception  (Gathering following on after funeral Service)

Vicar 10.30 organise Order of Service for following Monday at 2pm(Cannot be buried after dusk by law in UK!)
Whicker coffin
Flower decorations -Visit Florist&funeral flowers for coffin
Gravestone carving for later(can take over 6months for ground to settle for Tombstone to be placed in position)
Visit undertaker and inform of above facts so they can be tied in.
Lunch at Inn on the Green ‘Grumpy Mole’ Restaurant  to organise and confirm  Strawberry and cream Tea Reception Gathering for 60 people (give or take a few!)

Take mummy shoes,tights,camisole to funeral undertaker as they prepare her &make her look lovely,peaceful&calm.
Put Daily Telegraph advert in obituary Column
Death certificate-2pm appointment
Rest in afternoon
Organize Hire car for funeral
Mother in Chapel of Rest at Undertaker for week leading up to Funeral.

💝The rain is God cleaning the sky for mother 💝🎆

Funeral Mon 4th August at 2pm

The Gravestone next to mum is her maiden name!-How awesome and eerie!
The Gravestone cannot be erected for at least 6 months as the soil has to settle .

Buried the same month of August as dad– but 24 years later !